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Champagne with Galette or Crepes

Have you ever paired it ?

Even if the traditional drink to have with your galettes is a Breton apple cider, we invite you to taste your crêpes and your galettes with Champagne. Its bubbles will wonderfully pair with our savory and sweet dishes.
Feel free to ask Stéphane for advice. He will offer you the best food pairing according to your dish. The complete Reims experience !

Galette et Champagne

Our specialties

Each week, we offer you a different salted crepe in addition to the menu !

Here, some examples of our proposals :

Our salads

Salad, tomatoes, white sausage from Rethel cooked with old-fashioned mustard, fried potatoes, croutons

Salad, tomatoes, bacon, hash browns, hard-boiled egg, croutons

The classics

Ham, cheese, egg

Fresh cream, smoked salmon, chive, emmental

Ham, fresh goat cheese, spinach cooked in cream, flaked roasted almonds.

Cream mushrooms, tomatoes-onions, egg, emmental, ham

Fresh cream, fresh goat cheese, emmental, cream mushrooms, walnuts

Auvergne blue cheese, reblochon, emmental, fresh cream, fresh mushrooms, parsley


Potatoes, gizzards, smoked duck breast, raspberries, hot goat cheese on toast, walnuts.

Salad, Walnut St. Jacques cooked in butter, shrimps, chopped cabbage with bacon, Auvergne blue cheese, nuts and raisins

Minced chicken with a cream sauce flavored with Calvados, Camembert, cream mushrooms, potatoes.

Scrambled eggs, tomatoes and onions, serrano ham, camembert and mushrooms with cream.

Leek fondue our way, Scottish red label salmon smoked with beech wood, flaked roasted almonds.

Egg, mushrooms in cream, tomatoes and onions, fried potatoes.

Spicy minced beef cooked with tomatoes and onions, cheddar, egg, potatoes

Wheat « Crêpes »

Raspberry jelly our way, hot chocolate, whipped cream and its artisanal marshmallow skewer.

Homemade applesauce, sea salt caramel ice cream, homemade salted butter caramel sauce

Raspberry sorbet, artisan meringue, white chocolate topping.

Crêpe filled with a soft pecan nut brownie cookie, hot chocolate, custard, whipped cream.

Chocolate mousse, salted butter caramel and caramelized peanuts with fleur de sel.

Express lunchtime menu - Because greed doesn't wait

(Only for lunch from Tuesday to Friday) 12 €